2009Jul 18

Camp Happy Heart Scores and Update

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Is everyone having fun at Camp Happy Heart?!!  The scores still look pretty close at our half way point with the Beary Blue Team ahead by a margin!
Here’s a few helpful hints for today’s challenges:
  • Be sure and look at your PDA for help on locating the two items for Green Tracks!  The quests tab is the exclamation point in your PDA and the hints there will help you find the items very quickly.  Remember, Green Tracks is inside the cabin at camp and not at the Recycling Center.
  • Not sure where the butterfly comes from or where to take a photo of the squirrel?  Check out Inibaz‘s great guide to Photo Safari in the BearvilleInsider forum.  CLICK HERE
  • Bear-2-bear racing is a real challenge!  StarrBalletBear offers the following helpful hints on how to race:
    • Go as fast as you can, but slow down a bit around curves it can help.
    • If you’re having trouble passing a curve, or any part of the game back up your car and try again.
    • To turn press two buttons at the same time. Different buttons depending on if you’re turning left or right.

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