2009Jul 27

Official BABV CyBearGuides Join Bearville Insider!

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Some of you may have noticed some new members on Bearville Insider with "CyBearGuide" at the beginning of their usernames.

These new members are verified, official CyBearGuides and are members of the Build-a-Bearville support team! They will be visiting our forum from time to time to help us stay in the know on the latest happenings, bugs and changes in Build-a-Bearville!

They are also hoping they can help to answer some of the hard-to-answer questions that we get on occasion. We’d like to remind you that they are all busy bears and won’t be able to answer all of our questions, but they have promised to do what they can to keep us posted.

You all should start seeing them visiting the forum and posting introductions today! If you’d like to visit their profiles, all of the CyBearGuides can be located by clicking the "View Forum Leaders" link at the bottom of the forum home page.

Thanks to everyone at Build-a-Bear for wanting to take a more (inter)active role with their users!

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