2009Jul 30

Two New Outfits Available at Bearville Outfitters!

by Justin · 4 comments

Thank you to forum member Cutie411 for pointing out that two new outfits are now available in the Bearville Outfitters store.  The outfits are located on page 5 of the outfits section and are called the "Rockin’ Outfit" and the "Hibiscus Print Swimsuit" and each cost one store credit.  Here are photos from the store catalog and modeled by Cutie411!

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  • RebeccaFluffyBear

    Question1:Does anyone know who Gabby Douglas is except me?

    Question2:Does anyone know what gymnastics is except me?

    Post back if you have any answers!

    • RebeccaFluffyBear

      Yes!Anyone else?

  • LibbyRockStar

    Is Gabby Douglas a gymnast?

    I don’t now what gymnastics is though!

    • amandaberry123

      Is Gabby Douglas a gymnast?

      Gymnastics is a sport right

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