2009Aug 05

Information on Reporting an Invalid BuildABearville Code

by Justin · 5 comments

Thank you to NikiCyBearGuide for passing this information along to the all Bearville Insider members.  If you’ve had an issue with an invalid code, please handle it according to the guidelines noted below:
IF you just purchased your furry friend and your codes appread invalid, sometimes it can take between 24 and 48 hours for your furry friend’s ID and Key Code to make it all the way to Build-A-Bearville. If after 48 hours and the codes still don’t work, send the following information to vwhelp@buildabear.com:

For Invalid Animal ID/KeyCodes
Animal ID:
Animal Name:
Receipt Code:
SFS Number: (If you have one)

Invalid Receipt Code

Sometimes it can take between 24 and 48 hours for your Receipt Codes to make it all the way to Build-A-Bearville. If you did make your purchase in the past 24 hours, please try to enter your Receipt Codes tomorrow.

Receipt Code:

Invalid Bearville Outfitters code
Bearville Outfitters code:
BVO Code:

Invalid Webcode
Where did you get the code from?

DO NOT reply to this thread with these information, especially your codes. Send it to vwhelp@buildabear.com. For your own security, DO NOT share your account information, especially your account password and birth certificate codes with anyone!

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  • Rachael

    My son has 3 birth certificates, but we can’t find a key code on any of them. Is this a new thing. I have the number above the bar code, but no key code. Please help. Are our animals to old?

  • perla

    anyone have a receipt code

    • anonymus

      scammer ahead

      • BearVille Info Girl!

        ur a hacker ur self with that username lol :D

        • siva22

          hes not scammer if you dont know what it means dont say it

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