2009Aug 27

New Bearville Times Promises Some Exciting Things

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Thanks to purpleoranges for alerting us to the latest issue of the Bearville Times. The Furbulous Fun Fair starts September 1st, bringing a Ferris Wheel and a Merry-Go-Round to Bearville. New Halloween outfits will be out in October.

Thanks to FluffyCuddle44 for her special report:

Oh Wow, A New Article in the Bearville Times speaks of a Mysterious Traveling Market.

I just love mysteries. I loved the green tracks mystery and I bet this one will be just as fun. Yay~~

Note: I did a search of all of Buildabearville and nothing as of yet, The picture shows it is by a water stream (like around the area of the waterfall, waterfall lake or Entrance,) but the word "Traveling" I think means the market will move around so maybe it could be in one place one day and somewhere else the next?? This is very exciting.
I am keeping my eyes peeled.

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