2009Sep 01

New BAB Games for the Nintendo Wii and DS!!

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Special thanks to MistyBear61 for the following information:

[QUOTE]An interactive family-friendly experience, Build-A-Bear Workshop®: Friendship Valley allows families to share the interactive Build-A-Bear Workshop experience from the comfort of their home, using the Nintendo Wii.

The furry friends of Friendship Valley need the player’s help to make their town the coolest place this side of Build-A-Bearville. By solving various quests and challenges, players progressively build and customize their town, all while making friends along the way. Using the Wii’s unique characteristics, the adventure takes place in an open-ended 3D world, including a town, countryside and forest.

Players can also:
- Build and decorate a house, even customize the wallpaper, furniture and plants. They can also decorate their walls with photos they take of their furry friends.

- Decorate and transform the town along the adventure. Switch bricks to wood, change the shape and the color of doors and windows, update roofs on houses and plant flowers.

- Make friends and collect medals while competing in numerous mini games, like basketball and skateboarding.

- Test their chef skills in the bakery where they can make delicious cakes.

- Go on fun missions and help friends while interacting with the town’s residents
[/QUOTE]It said it would be out this fall (autumn for the UK members)

And special thanks to crazykrystal for providing the images

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