2009Sep 07

Maxine’s September Gift & The Mysterious Traveling Market Returns to BABV.

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Maxine has visited BABV and a few lucky members have received her September gift – a new emoticon!

Special thanks to Nightingale for the info, and MaryRockStar56 for the image:

Be sure to check the Special Guest thread each day for reports of Maxine, Chloe, and other special guest sitings.

The Traveling Market returns to BABV, be sure to visit the Carnival to reach it (special thanks to YoPeeps for the image)

The prizes are the same as the Market’s last visit, so be sure to visit for your chance to receive up to 3 of the following prizes (thank you again to slizardlipz for the image):

(Reminder – the mystery seeds are Doughnut seeds, so be sure to visit AbbieBright for your chance to receive some today)

And while you’re visiting the BI Forum…. Be sure to log in and enter our September Contest for your chance to win a WWF Wolf Code or a Party Invite!

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