2009Sep 23

Change of Seasons brings exciting changes in BABV

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Thanks to marylouzippy2 and pandyma618 for all their hard work in putting this together.

Picking a Den just got easier – with Den markings that indicate if Open Chat is not available:

(thanks to olops for the image)

BABV characters return to school, as teachers and students, earning BearBills and Prizes!

(Thanks to krissyangel for the images)

Fumble99 reports that members can earn BearBills as teachers (once per day) and as students (multiple times per day), and upon completing all 4 classes as both teacher (3 times per class) and student (10 times per class), you can win a prize!

After school, why not head over to Skate Park to take a dip in the New Community Pool!

(thanks to Hannahg98 for the images)

VanessaMay18 reports that the pool is so large, 100 members can swim in it at the same time!

After your swim, be sure to check your To-Do List

(thanks to marylouzippy2 for the image)

Several members have reported getting different To-Do Lists, but no reports of prizes so far.

After all that hard work, be sure to head over to the Coffee Shop and get a snack – new Coffee Cake and Pumpkin Bread!

(thanks to GabyPawfectPal for the image)

Happy Autumn!!

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