2009Nov 25

New Bearville Times – Skis, Ski Scooter, Ski Lodge, Snowman, Toys For Tots Quest!

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Thanks to OrlandoKnight for letting us know that there’s a new Bearville Times in Build-a-Bearville today! Winter’s definitely coming, with the debut of the North Pole tomorrow, November 26th and the Bearville Times is all about winter and skiing!
As you can see, there’s two new rides coming to the Bearville Outfitters store on November 26th : Skis, and a Ski Scooter. Also, we’ll be able to buy a Ski Lodge Home from the Bearville Outfitters on November 30th!


On December 1st, we’ll all get snowmen outside our Cub Condos that we can decorate however we want! And on December 2nd, the elf in Town Square will be giving out a Toys For Tots quest that is sure to have a pawsome prize at the end!

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