2009Nov 26

The North Pole Returns to Bearville!

by Justin · 8 comments

Christmas is right around the corner, the reindeer are in training and Mr and Mrs Claus are busy at work getting ready!  Be sure and visit the North Pole and get into the holiday spirit in Bearville! 
There are a lot of updates that you won’t want to miss so click READ MORE below to take a virtual tour with us at BearvilleInsider.com. 

Start at the Train Station and pick your destination, confirm it quickly at the bottom of the menu selection before you miss the train. 
Once on the train you can have a seat, socialize with your friends and enjoy the scenery until you click the ‘continue’ button.  You’ll notice that much of the scenery has been updated since last year.
First stop:  the North Pole Train Station!  Play a game of Snowball Challenge and earn some bearbills, you’ll want those for some hot cocoa later on.  This new game is much like baseball.  Control the direction of your ‘hit’ with the arrow then hold down the mouse to controll the power of your throw.
It appears you get three throws daily.  Let us know how you did!
Next stop on our virtual tour:  The North Pole Town Square!  Stop by Ms Claus’ Kitchen where you can just relax or check out the menu for lots of holiday goodies.  Hurry as there’s a ‘Now Hiring’ sign up too!
Brush up on your Reindeer Flight Training or go on a Moose Toboggan ride at the Flight Training Center.  Step on a bail of hay and feed Santa’s reindeer!
Head over to Santa’s workshop where you can watch the elves busy at work and play a game of Santa’s Assembly Line.
Take a holiday themed picture at the Photo Booth (note condo wall poster is not yet an option here).
Lastly and the part I’m most excited about……..step on the corner tile at the top right of Town Square to enter the Outdoor Theater area.  Ice Skate at the Outdoor Theater and don’t forget to warm up with cup of hot cocoa for 25 bear bills!!
UPDATE:  Thanks to BearvilleInsider member Christmas, we know to click on Hal or Holly Moose at the Outdoor Theater for a new giggling move!!

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  • abe2hip1395 add me

    i cant wait until christmas !?

    • mollybear2626

      i know! 16 days YAY!

  • millie martoss

    so close

  • Emily

    I couldn’t go to the North Pole. I followed your instructions but the North Pole option didn’t show up. What do I do?

    • mollybear2626

      When did you try to get to the north pole November or December?

  • mollybear2626

    its so close until christmas i cant wait!

  • mollybear2626

    wow Emily last posted a year ago, other people,

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