2009Nov 26

New Chloe Show!!

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Bears to stuff, moose antlers to make and toys to test!!  Santa’s elves have so much to do it’s a wonder that Sol the Elf  took the time to interview with Chloe!  Thanks to Holly Moose the elves learned to save time and find a way to keep track of their to do list with a computer!
Watch the show and learn about gift ideas from Green Tracks and Miguel Sunshine that you can make yourself!  Miguel will be posting instructions in the Bearville Times from now until Christmas.
Sol the Elf also gives details about the special card and free elf outfit from Buildabear Workshop.  It is indeed free and sounds like a lot fun!
Thanks to Krissyangel and Hayleyadorable387 for alerting us about the new Chloe Show!  As Krissyangel writes, "They also had a little fashion show, showing some of the new clothes you could buy at the Bearville Outfitters, Pawlette Boutique, and the virtual gifts from buying Hal and Holly Moose."
Check out the pawsome pics of the interview and the fashion show in Krissyangel’s thread right HERE in the BearvilleInsider forum!

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