2009Nov 29

Spring Shoes Seen in Bearville! (Plus Insider Pricing Info on DVD)

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There’s a new virtual ride springing up all around Bearville so I had to do some investigating to remember where they came from!
The new DVD of the Hal and Holly Moose movie "Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure" hit the Buildabear Workshop shelves on November 25!  As many of you may know, purchase of the DVD comes with a few exciting extras:
  • Free song download of When You Dream
  • A preview of the NEXT Uplifting Christmas Adventure
  • Free exclusive Spring Shoes virtual ride
We saw a preview of the Spring Shoes right HERE on Bearville Insider’s front page a few weeks ago.  It’s great to actually see them being enjoyed by Buildabearville Citizen’s!
Doesn’t Brenda look like she’s Pawsitively having Fun with these?!
Thanks to LeanneFurryFriend1‘s thread inside the forum from a few weeks ago I found the details for those of you that may have missed the scoop (like me)!
UPDATE: Thanks to stephaniesparkle for the Pawsome information on how to get the DVD for $9.99. 
Plus, I caught a BABW goof and reported it Wednesday.  In store they are advertising the DVD for $10, but it is in the system as the $14.99 price seen in mailers. They will honor the $10 price if your store has the advertisement up.

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