2009Nov 30

Ski Lodge Condos at Bearville Outfitters!

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Ski Lodge Condo’s are now available for purchase at the Bearville Outfitters at 10 credits each!
I toured several homes and each had the same set up as shown in the picture below.  It appears that you get a whole room full of furniture with your purchase, as with the Beach Houses. 
Thanks to BearvilleInsider member IrelandBeeGreen from our BearvilleInsider forum who has confirmed that, “The ski lodge does come with a room full of furniture. All of the furniture appears to be removable/movable (like the beach house), except for the items on the walls (and the bearhead rug in front of the door). Also, the dining table and chairs seem to move as one large item rather than individually.
The view from the train is spectacular and nature is abundant at the homes with bunnies, blue jays and squirrels enjoying the winter weather.  Be sure and look for the mountain goat on the train ride too!!

Take a tour and check it out, do you see any other animals? 

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