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BI Member Discovers Unreleased Furry Friends, Items! *UPDATED*

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[img_assist|nid=676|title=|desc=|link=node|align=right|width=175|height=103]Thanks to Bearville Insider member disneymom5 for providing us with this beariffic picture of another user in Build-a-Bearvile! She noticed the White Bunny Ears with Colorful Flowers on her head and the Flowery Bunny in her backpack and decided to check her inventory. She found another item that she couldn’t identify, a Fishing Hat.


Here’s her story about what happened when she asked about the bunny ears. I wonder when we’ll see the new bunny at Build-a-Bear Workshop!


Originally posted by disneymom5

The girl told me that it is a test bunny and when I called the test store closest to me (3 hours) they didn’t have it but said it will be available early next year.  Maybe they’ll have season bunnies instead of bears??? The fishing hat is a mystery to me too, I was hoping you could help.  I did write to BABW and am awaiting their response. 


Floral Bunny FFIUPDATE: Thanks to AmyKnight8 from our Bearville Insider Forum, the mystery of the bunny has been solved! She was the first member of our site to adopt the Blossom Bunny in Build-a-Bearville. The Blossom Bunny comes with Blossom Bunny Ears and Blossom Glasses, which are both shown on the right!

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  • CarlyAdventure647

    Thank you Amy for solving the mystery even if this was awhile ago

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