2009Dec 04

Saturday Morning Walk

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[img_assist|nid=651|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=127|height=175]Up early Saturday morning and anxious to see the new changes that have occurred overnight in BABV?  Want to hang out with other BI members and walk around BABV and get in the group picture? Then join me at 8 am EST for a walk around BABV!! (I will be back at 3:30 pm  EST  [12:30 pm PST] for another walk due to logging issues that BABV is currently experiencing)


I will start at the Town Square and try my luck at the fountain.  I will then make my way to the train station via Pawlette’s :)  We will then visit the Elf at the train station and we will try to find the next hidden present :)  Once that is found, we will take the train to the North Pole and make our way around the village, seeing if there is any changes and finish at the skating rink to watch the new installment of “Under the North Star: An Uplifting Christmas Adventure”  I will then take a screen shot of us all ice skating and enjoying some hot cocoa and post it to the front page!!  


Stay tuned to this thread so that you can follow the walk updates!!  I will try for the Bear Boulevard :) Make sure to add me so that in case we get separated during the walk or to find me online again!

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