2009Dec 06

Remember to check BI everyday!

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Where else can you find the latest Build-a-Bear news and chat with fellow BABV’ers?  There is so much to do here on BI!!


You can chat on our Daily Chat Thread, sign up to host a party or to attend them; you can start your own club, sign up to trade or join a Role Play!  You can make friends and go to BABV together!  You can join in BI activities here on BI and BABV!  Sign up for our PAWSOME contests!! Log on early in the morning and check out General Discussion to see if any changes happened overnight on BABV and share your own BABV discoveries – especially during the holiday season!! There is something new every day on BABV!


You can also find out if Maxine, the CyBearGuides or MiguelSunshine is online and visit them with your BI friends!  Here is a picture of BI members taken today, hanging out with Miguel Sunshine and HannahCyBearGuide! We walked around BABV and danced on the beach!  It was Pawsome Fun!


Remember, for the latest news and happenings in BABV, check it out here first on BearvilleInsider! With so much to do here on BI, you are bound to have a ton of fun!

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