2009Dec 10

New Bearville Times has been released – Alvin, BABV’s Birthday, Jet Pack, Abbiebright!

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[img_assist|nid=703|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=132|height=175]And, boy, is this an exciting issue!!  Major news and a lot of new things tomorrow!!


  • First of all - Alvin has officially been released into BABV!! That’s right, Alvin, from Alvin and the Chipmunks fame can now be found both in BAB and BABV!! 
    • If you get an Alvin plushie – he comes with 5000 bearbills (PAWSOME!!!), and an Alvin sweatshirt and cap for your character on BABV!  Theodore, Simon and Brittany have also been released as minis!!
    • Alvin is going to be on the Chloe show!!  I wonder what special gift he will give all viewers!! Make sure that you check back to BI tomorrow to find out!!  
    • Starting tomorrow – visit the Theater in the Furbulous Fashion District to watch a special sneak peak of Alvin and the Chipmunks – The Squeakquel!!!  I hope to see you there, cause that is the first place that I am going tomorrow!!
  • Second – It is BABV’s birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABV!!!! And to celebrate, visit Bearemy and Maxine’s condo :)  You will also have unlimited chances at the Furbulous Fountain at select times during the day :)
  • Third – New rides on BABV!! My sons flipped out over this one - a JET PACK!!! There may be others released tomorrow morning, so please check back here tomorrow as well to find out what they are!! 
  • Fourth – The next clip of Under the North Star will be released tomorrow – make sure that you watch it to get the fifth piece of the puzzle!!  Just a few more pieces to complete the puzzle!! Don’t forget to also continue the 12 Days of Christmas Quest from the Elf at the Train Station.
  • Fifth – AbbieBright is going to make another appearance – Maybe tomorrow – so be on the look out for her!!


What an amazing issue!! So much to look forward to tomorrow!!

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