2009Dec 12

GreenTracks Gives out Free Swirly Tree, Jetpack Seen in BABV!

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Thanks to cassiecuddlycub42 for alerting all of us to a piece of mail from GreenTracks! Many of our PDA’s did not light up with the New Mail, so lots of our users missed the Bear Mail in which GreenTracks gives us a free Swirly Tree!


Make sure to check your Bear Mail today and see if there’s one from GreenTracks. It will look like the one above. Don’t forget to click on the tree at the bottom of the Bear Mail to put it into your backpack. Then, head to your Cub Condo and put down the pawsome tree outside! Here’s my Swirly Tree in my front yard!


Also, check out this picture from forum member babwroxmysox — a BABV citizen with a jetpack.. PAWSOME! I really need some credits soon!


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