2009Dec 17

New Bearville Times has been released!! New Hello Kitty Quest!!

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[img_assist|nid=722|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=175|height=111]New Hello Kitty Quest and Bearville Times!!

The new Bearville Times is out and what amazing news!! On Dec 26th, BuildABear will release a brand new Hello Kitty, called Hello Kitty Colors!! This Hello Kitty commemorates 35 wonderful, fun and adorable years of all things Hello Kitty.  This Hello Kitty comes with a white bow covered in printed multi-color bows!  PAWSOME!!  You will get a matching bow for your BABV character, plus a room and special wallpaper and 5000 bear bills as well when you adopt the 35th Anniversary Hello Kitty Colors! 

And starting December 18th – a new Hello Kitty Quest will start in BABV!


Additional News includes:

  • A reminder to finish the Elves Christmas Present Quest before January 4th
  • New beds in the Bear Stuff store 
  • MiguelSunshine’s Beariffic idea of making Hot Chocolate Jars (I will be doing this with my family!!)
  • And a temporary price reduction in VIB membership!! Get 3 months for only $10, 6 months for $15 and 12 months for $25! Amazing!  (that is 6 months for the original price of three months and 12 months for the original price of 6 months! – A wonderful gift idea for the holidays!)

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