2009Dec 18

Hello Kitty Colors Quest

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There is a new, limited time only quest in BABV!  


[img_assist|nid=726|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=175|height=128]Visit the Furbulous Shopping District and click on Hello Kitty (standing in front of the Theater). She is the new Hello Kitty Colors and she is wearing the new Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Dress (the new Hello Kitty Colors will be available in BAB stores on Dec 26th and the Anniversary Dress is available now :) ).


When you click on Hello Kitty Colors, she will ask you if you would like to complete a quest to find 5 of her bows.  Her bows this time are different colors!  Make sure that you check all around BABV for the bows – this is a bit more difficult now that there are more places to look!  Once you find all 5 bows, you get a beary special surprise!!  To find out the locations of the bow, go to this story in the Front Page news section of the forum :)

Pawforming Arts Center Bench

Town Square (upper corner)

Lumbear Yard

Inside Pawlette’s Shop

Sandy Bear Island

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