2009Dec 26

BI Member Adopts Hello Kitty Colors!

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Cubgratulations to hello_kitty<3 for adopting a Hello Kitty Colors!!

[img_assist|nid=742|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=175|height=92]December 26th, you can get the new Hello Kitty Colors at BuildABear!  The 35th Anniversary Edition is now available – it celebrates 35 wonderful years of Hello Kitty :)  This Hello Kitty is a bit smaller than the other Hello Kitties at BAB and comes with a special necklace. The bow is white with mini, multi-color bows decorating it, and her bottom paws and sewn-on heart has the same material as the bow. SO adorable!  There are also special 35th anniversary accessories that you may purchase as well like a t-shirt for your furry friend and a gorgeous dress!

Don’t furget to also pick up your Huggable Heroes calendar this year!  Each calendar comes with a unique code to use each season for a free item on BABV :)

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