2009Dec 28

Get Your Huggable Heroes Calendar!!

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Stop by your local BAB for your Huggable Heroes calendar or place an order with BAB to receive one!

[img_assist|nid=743|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=175|height=87]Starting on Dec 26th, you can pick up your very own Huggable Heroes calendar at any BAB store or through any order placed through BAB online! This calender is portable-sized (I can carry it in my purse and use it to schedule appointments!! YAY!!)  Very cute and very useful!! And since it uses much less paper, it is more environmentally and tree-friendly as well :) (MiguelSunshine would totally approve!)

Included in the calendar are four seasonal codes for you to use – one for winter, spring, summer and fall – and two $5 off coupons!!  You can enter the Winter code in, starting Jan 1st (it is a snow shoveling move!).  But remember – these codes are NOT universal!!! You MUST get your own Huggable Heroes calendar with a unique code in order to get the move!  So get on over to BAB and get a calendar as soon as possible! (Another reason – the beary wonderful sales going on there!)

And just what moves will you get with the codes?

Winter Move (Janubeary 1st to March 30th) – Shoveling Snow

Spring Move (April 1st to June 30th)- Blowing Bubbles

Summer Move (July 1st to Septembear 30th) – Fanning yourself

Fall Move (Octobear 1st to Decembear 31st) – Raking Leaves

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