2009Feb 25

Cute Changes in Bearville today!!

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Big changes in Build-a-bearville happened today and some you just won’t want to miss!

  • Be sure and check out the Cinnamon Swirl Bunny’s quest that starts in the Friendship Forest Park.  She’s hidden 5 cinnamon candies all around Bearville.  Do you know where they are?  MelanieJuly16 has posted the locations in the forum HERE if you need some help!
  • While looking, spend some time at the Farm.  You’ll see something really cute but you’ll have to wait a few minutes until it appears.  Hint:  don’t stay too long and count them or you’ll fall asleep!  Thanks to MelanieJuly16 we know to click on the sheep and you’ll get a virtual poster!
  • There’s a new jacket and hat in the Jr Cybearguide shop! Thanks to L3tyT1g3r for spotting it!
  • Check out the update to the heart/love emoticon!  This is not a new emoticon.  It’s the red smiley face that comes free, on the first page of emotes, with every account.  When you click the emote little red hearts float, now above the hearts is the word ‘Friends.’
  • You can now organize your emoticons!  Put your favorites on the first page!
  • Voting started today for Maxine’s condo.  Enter the condo and visit the room you want to vote for.  Once in the room the icon pops up to vote for it.  You can vote for the same room every day, but only once a day, until the end of the contest.  Note:  You must be online for your room to show up and it only shows up on the server that you are on, just like your own cub condo.  Yes, citizens are campaigning for your votes on the lawn of Maxine’s house.

Good luck to all Bearville Insider members!!


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