2009Jan 16

Huggable Hero Posters found all over Build-A-Bearville

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This morning members are discovering Huggable Heroes Posters all over Bearville.

The posters will look like this and can be found:
(1) Meadow (2) Farm (3) Entrance (4) Friendship Forest Park (5) Sportsplex (6) Bear University (7) Inside the Library (8) Pawforming Arts Center (9) Inside Pawforming Arts Center (10) Pawsitvely Green Center (11) Market Place (12) Skatepark (13) Fashion District
After you have clicked all the posters, you will receive this cool prize
Now with your ticket, you can go inside the Movie Theater
Once Inside, Click on the popcorn machine behind the counter for another cool prize
Good Luck to all on this fun adventure

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