2009Feb 02

It’s Groundhog Day!!

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Happy Groundhog’s Day!! 
Take a walk down the Friendship Forest Path and click on the tree stump above the Pie Eating Contest game!  You’ll see a short video of today’s famous Groundhog in Buildabearville………I won’t spoil the surprise.  Does he see his shadow or not? 
Legend has it that today is the day when the Groundhog predicts the weather!  Here’s what happens:
  • The Groundhog is awakened from his winter hibernation and taken outside to see whether he casts a shadow on the ground. (Remember that hibernation is when some animals go into a special sleep during winter.)
  • If he sees his shadow, he goes back into hibernation, and Winter lasts for another six weeks.
  • If he doesn’t see his shadow, he stays awake to enjoy the wonderful smells and sensations of an early Spring!
After you see the quick video you’ll get a fun gift!
Paulette Coufur’s shipment of new fashions arrives today!  I checked out her store this morning but the shipment hadn’t arrived yet.  It should be a fun afternoon checking out everyone’s new clothes after the update!

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    he saw his shadow :(

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