2009Feb 15

Maxine’s Bear-thday!

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The month of March is right around the corner and it’s almost time to celebrate Maxine Clark’s birthday on March 6th!  Maxine is the Chief Executive Bear (CEB) of Buildabear!  For those of you that were citizens of Build-A-Bearville last year at this time you may recall that special weekend celebration when she gave out virtual birthday hats.  She made special appearances and gave out virtual heart necklaces too!  There were also special items to buy in the Bear Stuff store and Paulette’s Boutique in honor of her birthday (Mama Bear tee, pizza cake table, inflatable palm tree, dance rug and balloons)!

This year Maxine plans a bigger and better bear-thday party as noted on her blog post:   Maxine’s Blog Link


In real life, Maxine and her husband have decided to make a lead gift to donorschoose.org in honor of teachers instead of having a real party!

I can tell you about it but Maxine writes it best……an excerpt from her blog post is shown below:


"My husband and I had talked about a big party and then decided that instead we would make a lead gift to donorschoose.org and then challenge our friends to match it and get the amount up to $60,000 for teachers in honor of this special 60th birthday. With the tough economy, I may have to stretch it out further into the year to make the goal but I am still BEARY hopeful. Like many children in our urban schools today, I was the first in my family to attend and graduate from college. I have been able to achieve great success because of the outstanding teachers I had while in public school in Miami, Florida. Hopefully, this birthday gift will be the best ever because it will be shared by so many teachers and the children in their classrooms. Check out this link to see more details and feel free to add to the gift. No amount is too small! Every posted project is worth it. http://donorschoose.org/maxineclark60birthday"



Let’s help Maxine reach her goal!! Did you know that the cost of Giving Cards has gone down to $5 in US and to £4 in the UK. Giving Cards are game cards that come with a code that gets you a 10,000 Bear Bills and Free virtual ride of your choice when entered in Buildabearville.  The best news of all is that the Giving Card also comes with a code to enter at DonorsChoose.org to donate $10 towards a project of your choice!


I chose Maxine Clark’s 60th Birthday Challenge and I hope you do too!  Just click the link above to get to the donorschoose.org site and choose one of the many projects she has listed!


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