2009Jan 03

Mini Bearemy and Valentines!

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The mini Bearemy is a 10 inch furry friend available for purchase at your local Build-A-Bear Workshop or on line for $8.00! 
The information about the code is not stated online but thanks to Tamster we have the details!  He comes with a code…yes…you can log in the mini, no birth certificate required, it has a code right on the tag.  You enter the code and get 2,000 bear bills, a mini Bearemy hat for your avatar to wear and a t shirt…the same outfit the mini is wearing!  The mini Bearemy comes with a condo room and wallpaper too!  The bear that goes in your back pack actually says mini Bearemy!!
KarenBearHug has posted in our Bearville Insider forum that the full size Bearemy will no longer be made by BABW.  So if you happen to see the full size Bearemy in your store you’re lucky!  The full size Bearemy virtual gift was the hat along with bear bills, cub condo room, wallpaper and an animal adventure.  The hat was also available for trade from Huggable Heroes in January 2007.  Be on the look out for information about Huggable Heroes returning to Buildabearville in 2009!  Will they be back?  Many of us are hoping so and want to know!
Tamster has also provided the scoop on the Valentine’s Day cards and the Spring Hugs bear!  BABW will start selling Valentines day cards on Jan 5th…$3.00 per card (or is it per box) and each card will have a special code for an online free virtual gift.  Jan 23 Spring Hugs bear will go on sale for $20, 1st of 4 for 2009!  (Thanks to AmandaBearLove for the date and price!)

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