2009Mar 19

New Beach Front Home!!

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Yeah!!  The construction is complete and the new Bearville Outfitters store in Town Square is open!  Be sure and visit!  I was delighted to find out that a new Beach Front home in Buildabearville is only 10 credits!!  All rides, including the new wings or pogo stick, are only 5 credits each!


New with anything from the Bearville Outfitter store is that you cannot trade anything at all, not even clothes or furniture, so choose your purchases wisely you will have them forever!  Maxine posted on the Bearville Insider forum that they are working on an update "(maybe by this weekend) clothing and furniture in the Bearville Outfitters will work just like the Bear Boutique did – avatar’s clothing and accessories as well as furniture will be tradeable again!  The team is hard at work right now to make this happen.Please see Maxine’s post in the forum www.bearvilleinsider.com/forum/showthread.php Update:  (March 21)  Clothing and furniture are now tradeable!


I decided to hold off on the new wings or pogo stick and buy the new home.  Oh! What a great decision I feel that was!  My home is open to Everyone!  Please feel free to stop by and check it out! 


Take a fun ride across the water on the jet ski at Sunshine Shores  to get to the new Beach Front community!  It’s just lovely!  You’ll have the company of dolphins on your ride over!!  On the ride back to Sunshine Shores you may pass a buddy or two! 


You will have to return to Sunshine Shores to visit other Beachfront homes!


Check out the seagulls flying and the animated land crabs and open pit fire!  You can sit on the hammock and change the color of your home!  I chose the default color since I thought it fit right in with the scenery!


Each home comes with the exclusive Beachfront Home furniture shown in the Bearville Outfitter’s catalog.  I am not sure if that will always be the case!  Cool breezes blow the curtains at the windows and the ceiling fan is animated too!





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