2009Jan 14

New Game Preview in Jr CyBearGuide HQ, LittleMissMatched Kooky Maze!

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 Calling all Jr CyBear Guides! 
It appears that BABV is partnering up with LittleMissMatched.com  For those of you that are unfamiliar with LittleMissMatched, they design fun and colorful clothes, furniture, bedding, and most important SOCKS (now, this is probably a HUGE hint about the SOCK hop and this partnership ;)  )  I am very very excited about this and can’t wait to see what Maxine and Company have in store for us!!  Please visit LittleMissMatched.com to check it out :)
This game is taken from the games section of LittleMissMatched.com  There are other games there as well, so please check them out, too :)
I can’t help but wonder about the Sock Hop now, this is very exciting news!!!
Head on over to Jr CyBear Guide Headquarters to preview a new game being released during the Valentine’s Day Sock Hop.
You can find the game on the counter under the Bulletin Boards.
Click on the Blue Gaming Device.

You will then see this screen  
This game is designed by a new character of LittleMissMatched:
 You begin with a very simple maze.  You must move the green box, using your arrows keys, to the pink box.  This is Level 1:
This is Level 5.  The preview goes on up to Level 8 and it does get hard after a while!! Totally lots of fun!!
Remember to leave your opinion after you preview the game.  Your opinion is Beary important in the development of this game and future games!!

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