2009Jan 21

New Paws for Nature, Server, Decorations, Jr CyBear Guide Chat Ideas!

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 Make sure that you scroll on down for two other updates from today including wonderful news about David Archuleta, Pawlette’s Interview and the new BABW website!!
1)  There is a new Paws for Nature magazine available. This issue is about frogs. Read the story and complete the quiz for a new prize! (*hint ~ it’s green :)  )
2) Jr CyBear Guides, type in a phrase in the chat box and click the + sign to make chat phrase suggestions :)  You are allowed to submit a phrase a day :)
3) There is a new server on BABV – Please welcome Australia!!  
4) Check out the new decorations around BABV ~ part of Pawlette’s new Campaign for the year – Love. Hugs. Peace.

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