2009Jan 09

Upcoming Features on BABV

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 Make sure that you read the latest news in Bearville Times to get sneak peeks of upcoming Events and Games.
In the latest issue, Maxine tells us that the Jr CyBear Guides will get a Sneak Peak at the newest game coming to BABV on January 14th.  The Sneak Peek will be found in the Jr CyBear Guide Lounge.  This will be one of the games featured at the Sock Hop.  Play the game and then  you will be able to leave feedback for the game :)  The Jr CyBear Guide program is an excellent way to show that you are a Pawful and Responsible Citizen of BABV and your feedback will be respected and help the game designers with not only this game, but future games and events as well.
On January 16th, there will be a new movie in the Theater in the Furbulous Fashion District.  But, to get to see the movie, you must first go on a Quest to get your ticket.  You will need to go around town, finding and clicking on all the Huggable Heroes Posters in order to get your ticket. Then, you wil be able to go to the Theater to watch the movie about not only his year’s, but previous year’s Huggable Hereos as well.   These kids truly are Heroes, so this quest will be more than worth it :)

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