2010Apr 19

Red Panda, Lion, Mr. Soccer Added to Build-a-Bearville!

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Last week, the Yorkie Furry Friend was added to BABV, along with a few unannounced Furry Friends in the Open Certificate selection! Thanks to PrincessOctober103 and charliecuddles52 from our Bearville Forum for the following images of the 3 new Furry Friends and their Furry Friend Items — the Red Panda, Lion and Mr. Soccer!


As you can see, the Furry Friend item for the Red Panda is a tail and a pair of ears for your BABV character to wear! The Furry Friend Item for the Lion is a soccer goal with red flags and the Furry Friend Item for Mr. Soccer is a blue and yellow soccer goal. At this point we aren’t sure where you’ll be able to buy any of these Furry Friends, but we’ll keep you updated!

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