2010May 01

Tons of New Updates in Bearville! Under the Sea and More!

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Wow!  Yesterday brought so many new updates in Bearville that it is hard to capture them all here.  Thank you to all the members who have been buzzing about all of the new items, activities and findings in game.  Here are some of the highlights for you to check out!  First off, you can go under the sea now!  Head over to the lighthouse and take a dive.  Your furry friend can come along too!


A Luau Party is also now available in Bearville.  Just wait for the clock to stop and the party will begin.  Jr Cybearguides can start the party just by clicking on the timer.  At the end of the party you receive a free Lei and Surfing Move so be sure to stop by and grab yours!



You can also click on the Tropical Drinks to view the new Beach Menu, which as a tropical theme as well.


There are also two brand new games:  Beach Volleyball and Boats and Buoys!


I’m sure there are a few things that we missed, but these are some of the major highlights of the recent update.  Put your hula skirts on and go have fun!

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