2010Jun 05

Updates from the Newest Beary Newsworthy Magazine!

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A special thanks to Fun48 for providing us with an update from the latest Beary Newsworthy magazine!  There are lots of fun new things in store for us at Build A Bear and in Bearville.  Here are a few of the highlights:

Ice Cream Bears

  • There are going to be four bears in this set, including the Mint Chip Bear, Bubblegum Bear, Orange Sherbet Bear and Hot Fudge Sundae Bear.

  • Each Bear comes with lots of free stuff, including a free plush ice cream cone, a free virtual online ride (a car that your bear can actually ride on the front of) and a free coupon to Baskin Robbins!

  • These bears are BEARY limited and will only be in stores July and August 2010 while supplies last.  A special offer will be running July 2nd through July 18, and on these days you can get two bears for
    only $35 dollars, which is a discount from the normal $20 price.

Summer Camp in Bearville

  • It’s that time again, and Summer Camp registration is Beary soon!  Registration starts on July 2nd at 7:00 am EST!

  • Camp runs through July 31st so be sure to sign up right away and help your team win throughout the month of July!

Zoo Update

  • All of these bears leave stores July 1st, 2010. The following animals are the Zoorific collection:
    *Flamingo (Free online ride ,Flamingo unicycle)
    *Monkey (Free online ride ,Monkey Pogo Stick)
    *Girraffe (Free online ride ,Girraffe scooter)
    *Panda (Free online ride ,Panda Ball Bouncer)
    *Parakeet (Free online ride ,Parakeet feet flying wings)
    *Lepoard (Free online ride,Lepoard Bike)
    *Tiger (Free online ride,moving tiger tail scooter)

  • Zooriffic bears bought on May 28th through July 1st gain EXCLUSIVE acceses to the buildabearville zoo.

  • It is believed that all members will be able to access the zoo after July 1st.


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