2010Sep 01

Several New Updates in Bearville!

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The new month brings us several new updates in Bearville!  Thank you to Karenbearhug for pointing out that we can all win a new candy bracelet just for reading the Bearville Times this week.

Click the image to open in full size.

Also, the Art Studio has been updated.  Thanks to Abbibee258 for sharing a photo of the new Art Studio.  There’s so much more to do now!  It’s ironically called “Michael’s” which is a well known craft store in many parts of the United States.

Lastly, there are few new furniture items for sale at the Bear Stuff store.  The items included a Surf Bed, Tent Bed and Sailboat Bed for 800 bear bills each.  There is also a Stacked Book Case for 200 bear bills and a Glass Top Office Desk for 500 bear bills.  Lastly, there are a couple of new chairs…a Wooden Office Chair and Rolling Office Chair for 300 bear bills each.  Thanks to member courtneybear121 for bringing this to our attention!

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