2010Dec 20

New Styles at Bee Stylin Salon!

by Justin · 2 comments

For those of you who are into hair and facial styles, the Bee Stylin Salon is now featuring two new faces and three new hair options!  Thanks to member AshleyLuvs2Dance for bringing this to our attention.  Bearville has finally added highlights to the hair options!  Check them out below!

Click the image to open in full size.

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  • Madi

    I don’t know how 2 get that tie die rainbow hair! PLZ HELP!

  • Katsab

    ok well heres how you get the tie die hair ok so you go to the bee stylen and then you change your hair by clicking the arrows and then when you get to that style this thing pops up and it says what color do you want with the hi lightsok i hope that helped luv ya!

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