2010Jan 13

New Bearville Times has been released!! Welcome to the Year of the Tiger!

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A new Bearville Times has been released!

[img_assist|nid=757|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=175|height=109]In this issue, the special gues on the next Chloe Show is revealed!  It is Katie Stagliano – a Huggable Hero that helps to feed the hungry from her own vegetable garden!


Also, in the US on Jan 16th through the 18th and in Canada and the UK on Jan 22nd through the 24th – visit your local BAB store! There, you can get a free code for virtual Best Friend t-shirts for you and your best friend! Excellent and Beary Cool!  If you purchase two new furry friends, you also get a 20% discount!  PAWSOME! So grab your BFF and head off to BAB for FURBULOUS savings!


It is also the Year of the Tiger – the new tiger furry friend will be released on the 15th as well as featured in the new Paws for Nature Magazine found on the tree stump table that you can win from the Libeary.


AND, last but certainly NOT least, a new quest starts this weekend as well - the iCarly Quest!  She is also known as the Glitter Bear in the UK. The iCarly furry friend will be released on Jan 22nd, but while you wait, have fun on the new quest!  Visit the Neighborhood to get started and try to find all the cameras! You can RSVP the new iCarly/Glitter Bear at www.buildabear.com/rsvp.  She is sure to be a BEARY popular bear!

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