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Hugs 4 Haiti – Breaking News

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How can you help out with the relief effort in Haiti?

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Earlier this week, Haiti – a country in the Caribbean, was hit with a 7.0 earthquake (very very strong!) in the capital city of Port au Prince.  The city, including the government buildings, hospitals, fire stations, and many houses, were completely destroyed, and many people are injured, along with major loss of life.


Maxine and BAB want to help and you can help support BAB’s Hugs 4 Haiti Campaign.  Stop by your local BuildaBear store and contribute to their campaign. More details to be released as this just came out over Maxine’s Twitter account and hoping to post more details tomorrow.  BAB has just donated $10,000 to kick off the campaign and are awaiting word from the Red Cross as to when to ship off as many bears that they need in Haiti.  Many children have lost so much in this earthquake, they could use a hug from a furry friend to comfort them while their nation rebuilds.  Make sure that you visit BAB between now and Jan 31st to see how you can help out.  And remember, this weekend in the States – 20% your purchase if you buy two or more bears! 


Hugs 4 Haiti!!!!

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