2010Feb 01

Be Mine Dalmatian Quest in Bear University!

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The new Be Mine Dalmatian quest that was advertised in the January 27th Bearville Times is now available for us to start! We’re not sure how long it’ll be available, so we advise you to start the quest as soon as possible to make sure that you can earn your free gift!




The quest starts right in the center of the Bear University square. Just click on the Furry Friend to begin. Also, check out the Bearville citizen right next to me that has the new “Heart Ballons ride”… Beary cool!!


In order to complete the quest, you have to search Build-a-Bearville for 5 hidden hearts. The hearts are a bit difficult to find, as they are colored black and scattered in an ever-expanding Build-a-Bearville. Once you complete the quest, you will receive a free sound for your furry friend!


If you’re having trouble finding them, click the “Read More” button for an image and description of where each of the hearts are in Build-a-Bearville!


Thanks to Bearville Insider members krissyangel and nicolelorne for telling us where to find the five hearts in Build-a-Bearville! The locations are shown below: Farm, Sunshine Shores Marina, Entrance, inside the Floating Cabin in Waterfall, and inside Pawforming Arts Centre!


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