2010Feb 01

Furbulous February Furtastic Fountain Fur…Prizes

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[img_assist|nid=783|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=132|height=175]Betcha that you can’t say that three times fast.  And I also bet that you didn’t know that you could learn a lot by studying the items that you get from the fountain!

There are two new hats – both with a Valentine’s Day theme (LOVE THEM!!), a  Heart Painting, a heart rug, an amethyst bracelet (February birth stone), a Canada Flag tote (it is Canadian Family Day on Feb 15th!),  a Maori headband (it is Waitangi Day on Feb 6th – celebrating the founding of New Zealand and recognizing the Maori as British Citizens with full rights), a Tooth tee (National Children’s Dental Health Month), a grapefruit (yep, it is National Grapefruit Month as well! – Very good for your heart!), a weathervane (National Weatherperson’s Day is Feb 5th :) ), a Gazebo Bird feeder (National Wild Bird Feeding Month!), Mt. Rushmore poster (President’s Day!), a slice of cherry pie (National Cherry Month!), Monarch Butterfly poster (Western Monarch Day is Feb 5th – it draws attention to the migrating Monarch Butterfly!),  and the bouquet of irises (February’s Birth Flower).


Happy February everybody!  :)


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