2010Feb 12

Keke Palmer on the Chloe Show — Free — Move

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The newest guest, Keke Palmer, was interviewed on the Chloe Show. What a great interview, she’s so down to Earth and said that, if she weren’t an actor/singer, she’d be an anesthesiologist! She talked about her acting, singing and new clothing line, and even told a story about a Build-a-Bear that she got on set at True Jackson, VP.


Keke was on the BABW float at the Thanksgiving Day parade. She got into acting and singing when she tried out for The Lion King. She says that she loves to entertain people and thinks that once she gets more into singing, she’ll like it better. For those of you that want to be like her, she says you should try acting in local plays to get started! Thanks to Keke, we now have the “Keke Move” for watching the show, which is shown below!

Keke Movekeke move action

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