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New Bearville Times – Luck O’ The Bearish, Mall, Bearville Insider Walks!

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The new Bearville Times arrived in Build-a-Bearville yesterday and is promoting the new Beary O’ Lucky Bear and the “Luck O’ the Bearish” contest running in Bearville right now to become a Bearville millionaire! Make sure to pick up a free game card at your local Build-a-Bear Workshop. You can win 1 of the following 4 prizes: Throwing Coins Move, Lucky Outfit, Luck O’ The Bearish Emoticon, or 1 Million BBs. The codes are set to expire on March 4th!


[img_assist|nid=836|title=|desc=|link=node|align=right|width=135|height=175]As we told you on Wednesday, Jr. CybearGuide members will be able to enter the new mall in Marketplace on Wednesday, February 24th — a full 10 days earlier than everyone else!


We also want to remind you all to watch the Chloe Show with Keke Palmer before February 25th, you don’t want to miss out on the free Keke Move!


Finally, we want to thank ZoeYouRock and Abbieteddytunes09 for pointing out a specific page in the Bearville Times containing encouragement for users to organize “awareness walks”.  She pointed out that both of the pictures on the page are from walks organized by Bearville Insider! We believe that the first image is from our Cancer Awareness Walk on November 2, 2008, shown below, which earned a surprise visit from Maxine! The second image, based on the outfits, was from our September 27th Children’s Cancer Awareness Walk.


We’re sure there are tons of you in the images in the Bearville Times, but we circled two BI members that you can see very clearly — LindaFriendly in the top image and our beloved founder, FreyaFullOfHugs, in the bottom image!

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