2010Feb 25

New Furry Friends — Dinosaur, Camel, World Champion Bear!

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Hey guys and girls! I logged into my account yesterday and entered an open certificate and noticed that there were some new Furry Friends available! I was surprised to see 3 of them all at once!


I started by choosing the World Champion Bear, shown in the left picture. He’s a green bear, as you can see in my backpack and he gives you a crazy green-haired hat and soccer wallpaper — probably to celebearate the upcoming World Cup Football (Soccer) Tournament!


I then chose the Camel! He’s a cute little guy that comes with a cool camouflage canteen and his wallpaper is, of course, Camels!


Finally, I chose the new Dinosaur. I’m not sure what kind it is, maybe a Velociraptor? Anyways, he gives you a great Dino Hat and a new dinosaur wallpaper! Funny that all of the Furry Friend Items are all green!


Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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