2010Mar 06

March Furtastic Fountain Prizes!

by Justin · 1 comment

Today’s the day!!!  Happy Bearthday Maxine!  Start celebrating and play the Furtastic Fountain game in Town Square all day long, as many times as you want.  Collect the March virtual prizes, trade them, sell them at the Bear Stuff Store, or save them but most of all…….have fun playing!!


The prizes for this month are: Flower Shoes, Flower Slippers, Flower Top Hat, Floral Knit Hat, Vintage Floral Hat, Flower Bench, Flower Stool, Flower Chair, Daisy Rug, Butterflies Rug, Aquamarine Bracelet, Daffodil Bouquet, Flower Fountain, Asian Flower Print, Still Life Flower Painting.

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  • Alyssa4646

    There is also one more prize, it is a Daffodil painting, not a Still life flower painting.

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