2010Mar 20

DS Welcome to Hugsville!

by Justin · 3 comments

Well getting this Nintendo DS game was sure exciting! You open the game with you building your house. You use the stylus to hammer in nails and the roof. Then you choose a color. The map shows up on the top of the DS while you travel using the bottom. There are quests you go on, you search for items. You get to learn to plant all kinds of seeds , water and grow them and even chop down some treas but you must replant if you chop down. You find Golden seeds and safety equipment to use while riding your scooter that you build. There are mini games you must level up on …there is a Maze game, a Golden paw game where you run around collecting golden paws, a race game….you race your scooter, car, skateboard and foot race! There is tag, and treasure hunt, and a game called bouncing bears where you roll on a ball and try to knock your opponent out of the ring.  All these games are played against computer opponents. You can also link with other real players who have the game as well to play against them!

All the while you are instructed to talk to the citizens around Hugsville! Bearemy , Pawtette, and many others are there to guide you in all your quests!

This game is repetitive, you must do the games over and over to keep leveling up. They get harder and harder. I found the maze most difficult. I had to have my son complete level 6 for me, I kept getting hopelessly lost! HAHA! Over all it is fun! I enjoy searching for stuff to collect and I love playing Tag and Golden paws!!


I entered the first prize code that I was awarded from the DS game by visiting Champ at the virtual Buildabear Workshop in Town Square,  at Buildabearville.com.  My prize was my very own DS Console to carry all around Bearville!  Check it out!

DS prize   TammyDS

My son and I did an experiment, we both made separate user accounts and played them both untill we reached the same levels. We both got the exact same code when we reached the same level. We put the code in my account and when we went to put the other in his account it said it was used already. So , it looks like 1 code per game per user. I’m not sure why, son was not happy. But that is what happened!

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