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Special Guest Gifts for April 2010 — Greentracks, Maxine, ChloeRocks, MiguelSunshine!

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Congratulations to diamondallheart166 for being the first member of Bearville Insider to collect all 4 April 2010 special guest gifts in Build-a-Bearville! As we’ve seen in the past, most of the gifts are themed together and this month, many are decorative colored glass sculptures! One of our users mentioned that these are intended to decorate gardens in real life! As such, we’ll call them “lawn globes” for now.


When you see GreenTracks in Bearville, you will get the move shown above, called the “Whispering Move”. Maxine will give you a Yellow Lawn Globe, ChloeRocks will give you a Red Lawn Globe and MiguelSunshine will give you a Blue Lawn Globe!

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