2010Apr 05

Enchanted Update Has Arrived in Bearville!

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Thanks to JaydenSaphire1 & Zoeycuddles2474 for the wonderful pictures show below of the newest additions to Build-a-Bearville. Build-a-Bear surely has pulled out all the stops with this most-recent update to Bearville, bringing the new Enchanted areas and Enchanted Pony / Enchanted Dragon to Bearville. Remember, both the Enchanted Dragon and Enchanted Pony are available starting today, April 5th at your local Build-a-Bear Workshop or on buildabear.com!


We’ll start out with a few overview articles to cover all the new stuff before going in-depth on all the new features! First of all, there is a new Castle House and Throne Bedroom available for your Cub Condos, along with a couple of new games — Dragon Care and a “Spot the Difference” game!



Also a very cool new feature in Build-a-Bearville is the ability to go “back in time”, where you can see a whole new side of Build-a-Bearville! Here’s a view of the map one you go back in time!!



Make sure you get your hands on all the wonderful new items also available at the Jr Cybear HQ, the BVO and the Bearstuff store as well as the quest to save the dragon. There’s just so much new stuff going on today, you have to go and check it out!

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