2010Apr 05

Enchanted Furniture and Clothing Added to Bearville

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enchanted bearemy

As most of you Bearville Insiders expected, Build-a-Bear really went all out with the Enchanted update to Build-a-Bearville this morning! There has been a great deal of promotion leading up to the addition, and they didn’t disappoint us with updates to nearly every part of Build-a-Bearville!


For those of you who are Junior Cybearguides, there are a number of new items available in the shop in the Junior Cybearguide HQ! These items include the Jr. Cybearguide Princess costume (shown to the left), a Jr. Cybearguide Suit of Armor, a Jr. Cybearguide Ice Skating Outfit and a Jr. Cybearguide Throne! If you’re not a Jr. Cybearguide already, make sure to take the test in the University Classroom!


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At the Bear Stuff store, you can now buy a Classic Knight or Suit of Armor to decorate your Cub Condo, and even a Castle Rug for the floor!



There are also a bunch of new Enchanted items in Bearville Outfitters! We now have a Medieval Fountain, Dragon Statue, Dragon Fountain, and a new Chariot Ride that resembles the front of a Viking Ship!!


Finaly, here’s a view of the new throne room mentioned in our previous Enchanted article. As you can see, the Dragon Statue is HUGE, and the fountains as well as the new carousel pony are all clickable and rideable!!


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