2010Apr 08

“Big” Changes to Cub Condos in Build-a-Bearville!

by Justin · 2 comments

With yesterday’s update, some “huge” changes were made to our Cub Condos – all rooms are noticeably larger, and many have been redesigned (ie: the Attic now has stairs)! The increased size is a very welcomed change, as it will give Bearville Citizens more opportunity to be creative with their room designs with more space and the ability to fit more furniture in each room. You can see how much larger the rooms are with my screenshot below — it was designed with the smaller size.


Along with this increased room size, Build-a-Bear removed the “arrows” from each room, so you can no longer walk from room-to-room in your Cub Condo. In order to change rooms, you must bring up your Cub Condo map, which has also been re-designed, and click on the room you want to go to. While this is an unfortunate consequence of the increased room size, we think our members will get used to it quickly and will appreciate the HUGE rooms!

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    I do not know how to get to the map i have been lookin all day now plz

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