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New Bearville Times – New Yorkie Furry Friend, Greentracks Gifts on Earth and Arbor Day!

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The new Bearville Times has hit news stands all over Build-a-Bearville and, if you’re an avid reader of Bearville Insider, you already know nearly everything in it! The Chloe Show is on location at the castle, there’s a new Build-a-Story feature in the Libeary, Cub Condos have bigger rooms, the map has a new key, and there are 8 new hairstyles in Bearville.


Now the new stuff! From now until April 16th, you can see a preview of the new Build-a-Bear Wii and DS games, Hugsville and Friendship Valley in the Theater in Furbulous Fashion District in BABV. You can now see who is currently in the Nature Walk quest because they’ll be carrying a recycling bin — don’t forget about the Earth Day Certificate bonus! Also, keep an eye out for Green Tracks on Earth Day (April 22nd, 2010) and Arbor Day (April 30th, 2010) for some special gifts! 


Finally, there’s a new Furry Friend announced in the Bearville Times — the Yorkie! The Yorkie’s FFI (Furry Friend Item) is an “interactive doghouse and pet bed”! The Yorkie will be available in a week in the US — on April 16th — and about a month from now — on May 14th — in the United Kingdom.


Don’t forget to head to your local Build-a-Bear from now until April 29th (it appears to be in any country, and no purchase necessary) for a free in-real-life crown and free in-game crown in Build-a-Bearville!

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